A short list of natural ingredients

Our choices for ingredients are heavily influenced by food sciences. While eating the deodorant probably wouldn't taste very good, you can still feel good about putting it on your body!

To dissolve the ingredients (the aqueous medium)

Magnesium Hydroxide
The active ingredient; neutralizes the acidic environment caused by bacteria breaking down proteins in sweat (which causes body odor).

Magnesium Chloride (i.e. magnesium oil)
This is to promote a slightly silkier feel, and to increase the bodies absorption of magnesium (since most of the US is greatly deficient in this dietary supplement).

Xanthan Gum
A strong, flavor neutral thickener, also used in many food products. According to some beta testers, the product was too runny; the Xanthan gum increases the viscosity ever so slightly.

To increase the evaporation rate of the product, to increase the product's deodorizing effectiveness, and to minimize bacterial growth in product.